Questions and answers about A Retrieved Reformation (O. Henry)

Hence he had left his old business of burglary. They cost him over nine hun­dred dollars.

13. Why did Ben Price go to Elmore?

12. By comparing bank notes, he noticed a remarkable similarity in the methods of the bur­glaries and concluded that Jimmy Valentine had resumed business.

Valentine saved Agatha by opening the door of the vault with his drill and other tools of burglary,

Ben Price had been closely watching Valentine and he concluded that Valentine was living an honest life. Louis ? What did he want the friend to do?

Unseen by the elders, May, the nine-year-old girl, in a spirit of play had shut Agatha in the vault. What was the transformation that Jimmy Valentine under­went at Elmore?

Valentine was making an honest living and he was going to marry Annabel in two weeks from then. How did Jimmy Valentine get his pardon?

14. Why do you think Ralph Spencer asked for the rose Annabel was wearing ?

Questions and answers

 1. Do you think valentine went to Elmore to go into shoe busi­ness? What made him think of starting a shoe store?

Ben Price went to Elmore to take into custody Valentine for a number of burglaries committed by him a year ago.

 2. What happened to Agatha? Why was it very serious?

Valentine’s suitcase contained the finest set of burglar’s tools in the whole eastern part of the U.S.A. Valentine wanted his old friend to come at Sullivan’s place in Little Rock, the following Wednesday night, at 9 O’ clock to receive the set of tools of burglary.

5. How did Valentine save Agatha?

The warden advised Jimmy to stop breaking safes and live an honest life.

Jimmy Valentine was sent to prison for his burglary at Springfield.

At Elmore, Jimmy Valentine became Ralph Spencer and at the end of a year he had won the respect of the community, his store flourished, and he and Annabel were engaged to be married in two weeks.

The warden handed Jimmy his pardon, which had been signed that morning by the governor.

7. What did Valentine’s suitcase contain?

3. It was very serious because the clock hadn’t been wound nor the combination set.. What did Ben Price do? Why do you think he did so?

Who was Ben Price? How did his collar button happen to be in Valentine’s room?

10. So he did not want arrest him and make him a. burglar again and hence he turned and walked down the street.

Ralph Spencer was becoming Jimmy Valentine once again and he felt that he was no more worthy of Annabel’s love. What was the warden ‘s advice to Valentine?

Ben Price was the detective who investigated the robberies committed by Jimmv. He had fallen in love with Annabel Adams and this made him think of starting a shoe store at Elmore.

11. He asked for rose as a symbol of her love.

15. Why was Jimmy Valentine sent to Prison?

Valentine’s intention was to stop over in the town a few days and look over the situation. The vault had a new, patented door which fastened with three solid steel bolts thrown simultaneously with a single handle, and had a time-lock.

Why did Valentine write to his old friend in St. What was the new acquisition of Elmore Bank?

The Elmore Bank had acquired a new safe and vault. Ben Price’s collar button had been torn from his shirt band when he had overpowered Jimmy to arrest him.

How did  Ben Price conclude that Jimmy Valentine had resumed business?

Ben Price investigated the scenes of robberies

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