Miami Dolphins 2006 Schedule by Sebastien Sports

Presumably, their next tough game doesn’t come until week five against the Patriots. The Dolphins finished out the 2005 campaign by rattling off six straight wins against the Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills, San Diego Chargers, New York Jets, Tennessee Titans and New England Patriots.

They won the last 6 games of the season and the media is all over themselves for the Miami Dolphins. The NFC East has been owned by the New England Patriots for a good while now. However, the Bills might pose a challenge. They always play the Dolphins tough, so you can’t write them off just yet. Last season, thanks to their last season push, they finished with a 9-7 record. Their schedule could be a little challenging this season. The Miami Dolphins want to change all that. Could this be the year that Miami returns to glory? Is their schedule soft enough to yield an easy 10+ wins and take the NFC East?

Week One: @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Week Two: Buffalo Bills

Week Three: Tennessee Titans

Week Four: @ Houston Texans

Week Five: @ New England Patriots

Week Six: @ New York Jets

Week Seven: Green Bay Packers

Week Eight: Bye

Week Nine: @ Chicago Bears

Week Ten: Kansas City Chiefs

Week Eleven: Minnesota Vikings

Week Twelve: @ Detroit Lions

Week Thirteen: Jacksonville Jaguars

Week Fourteen: New England Patriots

Week Fifteen: @ Buffalo Bills

Week Sixteen: New York Jets

Week Seventeen: @ Indianapolis

Their offseason losses were somewhat mild. They could be in trouble if they are one game out going into the last game at Indy, unless the Colts

. This year, they are hoping to take the next step and get into the AFC playoffs. This offseason they lost Sage Rosenfels to Houston, Sam Madison to the Giants, Bryan Gilmore to the 49ers, Reggie Howard to Carolina, Matt Turk to the Rams, Gus Frerotte to the Rams, Kiwaukee Thomas to Buffalo and Tebucky Jones to rival New England. The first big challenge will be the Steelers, but they will be without their starting QB Big Ben. Their key additions include: Daunte Culpepper, Andre Goodman, Sedrick Hodge, Will Allen, Fred Beasley, Kelly Campbell, Justin Peelle, L.J. Is this team really that great? Many analysts seem to think so. Heres the breakdown.

The Dolphins season opens up pretty soft. It will be tough for this team to put together win streaks of more than a couple games. Their schedule is mixed up well. Shelton, Renaldo Hill, Deke Cooper and Mike Pearson

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