Ex-pats Tragic Death Exposes Gambling Addiction by David Matchett

says Caroline.

Returning to the UK, Caroline sought solace from her family and friends. And if you must get a joint account make sure you keep an eye on what is going in and out of it, dont just leave it up to trust..

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A new life in paradise

Ex-pat Life insurance Guide to life insurance for ex-patriots

The funeral was held 5 days later, shortly before Trinidads carnival was set to swing into place. Some of the creditors reduced the debt due to Carolines circumstances. Wayne was pronounced dead on the scene, as were his passenger, a work colleague, and two other victims of the crash had also been killed. Forced to return to the UK, Caroline found her husband had been secretly hiding his gambling addiction from her, and she was liable for his debt.

Caroline met Wayne Sarin in London in 1997 where they both worked in a call centre for a major telecoms company, and they quickly got engaged. Looking back I think I was completely unprepared, but we got there.

My advice to others thinking about emigrating – I didnt know that Wayne was going to die, but we should have at least had a life insurance policy, we were moving abroad into the unknown, it was stupid. I trusted Wayne, why would I need to? I was busy working out the new mess of houses, schools, jobs and a million other things. Carolines daughter Nicole would soon be starting at the local school, Caroline had secured a good job working as a payroll administrator, and Wayne was working as a night-club promoter.

IVA advice Professional advice on Individual Voluntary Agreements

Waynes family were amazing, but I couldnt cope with losing Wayne and bringing up Nicole in a country I still didnt understand. Wayne had gotten us into over 35,000 of debt, and had never told me.

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A late night call

He could have told me, he really could says Caroline but I think he thought we could disappear to the Caribbean and leave behind all this debt and never have to look back. I dont think she told me then that he had been killed instantly, but I somehow knew. Wayne was always keen to move back to Trinidad, and after being married for a 3 years and the birth of their daughter Nicole, Caroline agreed to emigrate. We had a new child, had to work out travel and passports and visas and everything, say goodbye to our old friends and organise our new life in Trinidad. I had to get back home, and Waynes family helped me book flights for me and Nicole a week after Waynes funeral.

Caroline sought advice from a financial advisor, and after weighing up her options, she set up an IVA (Individual Voluntary Agreement) to repay the debt with her creditors over a period of time. It was later found that Wayne and the driver of the pick-up were both heavily inebriated while driving. The joint accounts she shared with Wayne had accumulated a huge amount of debt she was completely in the dark about.

Counting the cost

I got the call quite early, 11pm, I wasnt really expecting Wayne to be back until much later in the evening because he was working at the club, and Ive never been sure why he was even driving at the time. But now I was burdened with it the joint account meant it was all in my name. I was so angry at him. . Wayne was originally from Trincity in the Caribbean island of Trinidad, and in the three years before they got married they travelled to the island twice, staying with Waynes welcoming family. It was my sister-in-law, at first she wouldnt tell me what was wrong, she just kept saying to stay there.

Escaping from the damp streets of Glasgow to the tropical climate of the Caribbean seemed like a wonderful opportunity to Caroline Sarin and her family, but when her husband was killed in a tragic road accident, this dream turned into a nightmare.

Bank statements show Wayne had been spending money on online gambling sites, playing Poker, Roulette and Blackjack at 3 different online gambling sites, as well as gambling at betting shops in Glasgow.

I found out from my bank that we had a maxed out 12,000 overdraft which had just been sitting mounting up debt, and the 3 credit cards that we had shared were also maxed out.

Starting Again

Wayne had been in a three car accident involving a pick-up a saloon, and his car. Wayne didnt have life insurance, and I had very little money left. We had a joint account but I rarely enquired about it. I spent most of my time looking after our daughter Nicole, and Wayne was in charge of the finances. But there was to be a further turn of events as Caroline began to piece together her old life. It was such a shock I just put down the phone, I dont think I even hung up, and I went through to Nicoles room and just sat there with her until my sister-in-law Donna and her husband arrived.

It was a totally crazy really, there was just too much to organise at once! says Caroline. She told me that Wayne had been in a road accident on the Churchill-Roosevelt bypass.

After 14 months of living in relatively simple accommodation in Port-of-Spain, Trinidads capital, things were beginning to settle down. But it was obvious from her tone that something was very wrong, and ultimately I got it out of her

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