Blanche Lincoln’s “Cross of Gold” Moment

It is worth reviewing the promises made on the campaign trail and the lessons the race holds for candidates in 2010.

The Lincoln campaign effectively used surrogates on the same message. The Obama Ads Got it Right, So Why Isn’t He Supporting the Lincoln Language Now?

But President Obama touted the Lincoln bill as well, while neglecting to mention that his administration doesn’t support it. And it’s why I am taking on Wall Street with the toughest reform bill of anyone in either party … Shockingly, these reckless and destructive practices are aided and abetted by taxpayer money. Rather than listening to the big banks and his friend Jamie Dimon, a frequent White House visitor, Obama would do well to listen to the Arkansas voters.

While there is little doubt that Lincoln’s challenge from the left aided in her conversion to the “toughest reform bill of either party,” but in her campaign ads Lincoln pledges “not to back down.” With our support, these tough reforms can be enacted making William Jennings Bryan proud. Nothing in the bill does more to protect taxpayers from future bailouts than Sec. swaps and derivatives market worth some $300 trillion. Democratic leaders Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) and Barney Frank (D-Mass.) are in the awkward position of needing to remove the Lincoln language and gut the reform package that they are touting as the strongest since the New Deal era in front of the cameras. Send a message to the conferees today. Commodities speculation has ramped up prices for farmers and consumers. Furthermore, each of the five major dealers mentioned above has access to the Federal Reserve’s discount window, which allows them to borrow money for gambling in swaps at near-0% interest rates.

In a conservative state, Lincoln ran hard on her record as Agriculture Committee chair, her critical health care vote and on her strong proposal to crack down on Wall Street derivatives trading. “This is President Barack Obama and I want to tell you why I support Senator Blanche Lincoln for re-election in the Democratic Primary on Tuesday, May 18th. Blanche is leading the fight to hold Wall Street accountable and make sure that Arkansas taxpayers are never again asked to bailout Wall Street bankers,” said Obama. 716 and it is strongly supported by Nobel prize-winner Joseph Stiglitz, Nouriel Roubini, Simon Johnson, Dean Baker, Robert Johnson and more. They are hoping to do this gracefully and are working on a bad compromise to buy off critics.

Reckless swaps and derivatives trading played a critical role in the financial crisis, inflating the domestic housing bubble and turning it into a global economic catastrophe. “I am Blanche Lincoln and I grew up in an Arkansas family where I was taught to solve problems… that’s why I cast the deciding vote to pass health care reform… 716 of the Senate bill, will require the five largest banks/derivatives dealers to spin off their swaps desks into a separately capitalized affiliate – in other words to wall off the casino from old fashioned banking. While the financial services reform bill she talks about is still winding its way through Congress, former President Clinton touted it as a done deal in last minute ads: “In Washington everybody was betting Wall Street would beat her efforts to clean up trading practices that led our country to the brink of economic collapse, but they were wrong, she won that fight.” Clinton (labeled “the President” in Lincoln ads) was a featured surrogate running on TV, radio and internet, while the actual president was relegated to radio. She did so as a modern-day William Jennings Bryan, standing up for farmers and pushing a strong Wall Street reform proposal to help farmers and protect taxpayers.

Democrats Need to Throw Jamie Dimon Overboard

To the surprise of many, Blanche Lincoln won her Arkansas Senate runoff. Public Citizen and Campaign for America’s Future won a rear-guard effort to demand an open and transparent process. Since these powerful provisions are already in the bill, they will have to be stripped out or changed publicly. As the head of JP Morgan Chase, Dimon has a lot to lose by being forced to form a separately capitalized affiliate to run his casino, but taxpayers have a lot to gain..

The House-Senate Conference Committee gets underway today.

Currently the five largest banks in the United States have an anti-competitive strangle-hold on 90 percent of the U.S. The measure is geared entirely towards preventing a situation in which taxpayers would once again be liable for the bad bets of big banks. But the whole point of FDIC insurance and the discount window is to reassure the public that their deposits are safe, and to protect banks from runs on their deposits — not for the government to help banks finance their own casinos.” It is simply beyond belief that taxpayers are being forced to back up these risky trades.

The Lincoln derivatives proposal, Sec.

For Democrats to win in November, Obama needs to throw his friend Jamie Dimon overboard. This is a winning message in a tight race.

In the world outside Arkansas, real presidents matter more than former ones, and to the disappointment of reform groups the Obama team is not supporting Lincoln’s proposal to crack down on derivatives trading. The five banks are Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Bank of America. As the Motley Fool explains: “Currently, banks can fund their swaps trading units with FDIC-insured deposits. and it’s going to pass,” she reassures with a nod

Research and Markets: United Kingdom Gambling Market Report 2015-2019 with Betfred Group, Gala Coral Group, Ladbrokes & William Hill Dominating

Betting is also done on machines, which are classified as category B1, B2, B3, B4, C, and D gaming machines.

Key Vendors

Betfred Group Gala Coral Group Ladbrokes William Hill

Other Prominent Vendors

Camelot Group Genting UK Paddy Power Rank Group Sportech

Key Topics Covered:

Executive Summary List of Abbreviations Scope of the Report Market Research Methodology Introduction Market Landscape Market Segmentation by Product Buying Criteria Market Growth Drivers Drivers and their Impact Market Challenges Impact of Drivers and Challenges Market Trends Trends and their Impact Vendor Landscape Key Vendor Analysis

For more information visit


DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the “Gambling Market in UK 2015-2019″ report to their offering. It also outlines the challenges faced by the vendors and the market at large, as well as the key trends emerging in the market.

The revenue of the gambling market in the UK to grow at a CAGR of 5.28% over the period 2014-2019

Gambling premises include betting shops for betting on activities such as horse racing, football, and others; casinos; bingo clubs; and arcades. In addition, the report discusses the major drivers that influence the growth of the market. In addition, gambling contributes to the GDP of a country and helps the economy.

The report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the gambling market in the UK for the period 2015-2019. To calculate the market size, the report takes into account the GGY generated from four market segments: betting, remote gambling, lottery, and gaming. The report considers the revenue generated by land-based gambling premises as well as from remote gambling in all the segments. Gambling has become a major commercial gaming activity with many countries legalizing it and granting permission to set up casinos and other gambling joints

Must-Read Investigative Report Highlights Wall Street’s Latest Lobbying to Avoid Key Financial Reforms

banks ship their derivatives trades overseas, they also ship U.S. taxpayers remain at grave risk from hundreds of trillions of mostly unregulated derivatives trading overseas by U.S. U.S. Wall Street’s four biggest and most dangerous banks have exploited the loophole and the regulators have not stopped them. to get “light touch” regulation overseas. It is time for the CFTC and the SEC to adopt the de facto guarantee test and only allow genuinely non-guaranteed foreign affiliates to avoid U.S. Why? Because the U.S.-based bank directs its customers, clients and counterparties to its purportedly non-guaranteed affiliate overseas which always not coincidentally uses the same name as the U.S. bank.

Those customers, clients and counterparties understand they are doing business – albeit indirectly – with the U.S. laws and regulations.

For example, this is exactly what Citigroup did in the middle of the 2008 financial crisis when it took $59 billion in assets back onto its balance sheet from non-guaranteed so-called “bankruptcy remote” SIVs that it had created and sponsored years before. Citi had to then write down the values which reduced Citi’s capital and contributed to the creditor run on the bank. financial institutions have shipped their business overseas, but the risk and costs have come back to the U.S. bank affiliates.

This is a really serious issue, not a theoretical matter or theoretical risk to U.S. taxpayers pay in two big ways: first they lose jobs and revenue, then they have to bail out the bank when their overseas affiliates – explicitly guaranteed or not – blow up and drag down the U.S. bank and expect the U.S. government, which ended up having to provide $185 billion in a series of bailouts. More importantly, the U.S. bank. parent company.

Reuters’ Charles Levinson has written a must-read investigative report on Wall Street’s latest scheme to avoid critically important financial reforms: change a few words in their derivatives contracts and pretend that they are not guaranteeing their overseas affiliates. Those government and U.S. There are numerous examples of where Wall Street banks and other U.S. taxpayer bailouts to Citi totaled almost $500 billion, more than any other single institution (and Citi remains the only too-big-to-fail U.S. jobs overseas and the revenue and taxes generated by those jobs. bank failed to de facto guarantee its foreign affiliate in trouble.. taxpayer. taxpayers that the law requires the CFTC and SEC to regulate. Wall Street’s handful of biggest banks merely erase/delete the word “guarantee” from one or more of their foreign affiliates and then claim/pretend it is not guaranteed by the gigantic U.S.-based parent bank (backed by U.S. Much of our work, including the presentation we used in meetings with the Chairs, Commissioners and staff of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), can be found on our website here. taxpayers and the U.S. regulations. Citi had absolutely no legal obligation to do it, but, to avoid asset fire sales and reputational damage, it nonetheless “had to” take the impaired assets back at 100 cents on the dollar. Why? Because merely deleting the word “guarantee” does not mean that the foreign affiliates are not guaranteed or, as we at Better Markets call it, de facto guaranteed by the U.S. But who was left on the hook to bail out AIG when its London CDS operations blew up and kick-started the financial crash? U.S. regulation.

However Better Market has proposed a relative simple, market-based solution to this loophole called the “de facto guarantee test,” which would enable regulators to determine which foreign affiliates are genuinely non-guaranteed and which ones are de facto guaranteed and pose an unacceptable risk to U.S. bank to stand behind the foreign affiliate regardless of a deleted word. Thus, U.S. taxpayers) and, voila, their trades are not subject to U.S. As the Levinson investigative report points out, so far the CFTC and the SEC have failed to protect taxpayers as the law requires. Remember AIG? It was a gigantic insurance company based in New York, but did its credit default swaps (CDS) gambling in “light touch” London in the years leading up to the financial crisis. bank will have to stand behind the foreign affiliate (i.e., guarantee it) if it gets into trouble because the U.S. There are lots of them. bank that did not repay the taxpayer TARP funds it received).

This scheme (which we discuss in this fact sheet) is called “de-guaranteeing,” but it is really just a form-over-substance loophole that allows the largest financial institutions in the U.S. The result? Citi had a liquidity crisis and was insolvent, ultimately requiring more than three bail outs to prevent its collapse into bankruptcy. Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers are two other prominent examples of using overseas affiliates to avoid U.S. taxpayers. And when the U.S. bank has directed its customers, clients, and counterparties to the foreign affiliate and will suffer serious – if not lethal – reputational damage in the markets if the U.S. Better Markets has been fighting Wall Street on this evasive, if not fraudulent, gambit for years. And by the way, these activities really only involve Wall Street’s four biggest banks – JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley – which control more than 90% of all the derivatives trading in the U.S.

Citi isn’t the only example

PGA golf betting odds for players to win the 2016 Valspar Championship

Webb Simpson has not played on tour since he tied for 14th at the Phoenix Open over a month ago. Notables who have won the Valspar Championship include Jim Furyk (2010), Luke Donald (2012) and last year’s winner Jordan Spieth (2015).

Jason Dufner did not play too bad last week finishing at -3 under and tied for 11th place. Kevin Na, Webb Simpson – 40 to 1 odds each

T-7. Dufner won on tour back in late January and he’s a mild threat here. Grace has yet to win on tour but he has seven European Tour wins including the 2016 Qatar Masters and he’s not a bad bet here at 33 to 1 odds.

T-9. Merritt is interesting here because he finished alone in 6th place in this tournament last year. Schwartzel won the Tshwane Open on February 14th on the Eruopean Tour in his native South Africa but his lone win on the PGA Tour remains the 2011 Masters. Vijay has 34 career wins and he did finish tied for 6th at the Honda Classic two weeks ago in his last start but he’s not won on tour since 2008.

Troy Merritt – 150 to 1 odds

Troy Merritt tied for 11th place at the Northern Trust Open in his last start. Streelman did win this tournament in 2013. Harris English finished alone in 10th last week at Doral and he tied for 10th last year in the Valspar Championship. K.J. He has two PGA wins with his last win coming 20 months ago. Stenson has four PGA Tour wins and eight more separate wins on the European Tour so he’s certainly capable of winning this. Ryan Moore finished in 5th place here last year. Ryan Palmer tied for 26th at the Honda Classic two weeks ago in his last start. Patrick Reed – 20 to 1

Kevin Na has one win in 309 PGA Tour starts. He tied for 28th last week in his first PGA start of 2016.

T-11. Jordan Spieth has shown great loyalty to the tournaments he has won so far in his career and his presence this week really makes the Valspar Tournament for 2016.

2. O’Hair has four PGA Tour wins but his last win was in 2011.

Retief Goosen – 125 to 1 odds

Retief Goosen won this tournament twice in 2003 and 2009. Russell Knox, Luke Donald, Ryan Moore, K.J. Here is a list of the betting odds for the PGA golfers to win the 2016 Valspar Championship.

T-13. Kevin Streelman has not played since he tied for 11th place at Pebble Beach a month ago. If he plays like that again this week he’s a very likely winner. Choi has two wins in this tournament and eight PGA career wins but his last win was in 2011.

Listed below are all the PGA golfers with odds of 50 to 1 or less to win the 2016 Valspar Championship along with comments. Last year, Henrik Stenson finished in fourth place at the Valspar Championship. Oosthuizen’s lone PGA Tour win was at the 2010 British Open but he could certainly win this week. He has two wins on tour.

Sean O’Hair – 80 to 1 odds

Sean O’Hair won the Valspar Championship in 2008 and he tied with Patrick Reed last year here for second place to Jordan Spieth. Bill Haas, Kevin Streelman, Ryan Palmer – 50 to 1 odds each

Henrik Stenson is the second choice in the betting odds at 11 to 1. Matt Kuchar, Branden Grace – 33 to 1 odds each

T-19. Branden Grace missed the cut at the Honda Classic and then finished tied for 23rd last week at Doral. Justin Thomas tied for 3rd at the Honda Classic two weeks ago but only managed a tie for 35th last week at Doral. Thomas has one win on the PGA Tour at age 22. English has two wins on tour and both came back in 2013.

T-5. Senden tied for 10th in the Honda Classic two weeks ago in his last PGA Tour start. Jason Dufner, Harris English – 35 to 1 odds each

The Valspar Championship dates back to 2000. Willett has yet to win on the PGA Tour but this will only be his 21st PGA start. Reed is lower odds here because he finished in a 2nd place tie here last year and he is still highly ranked.

The 2016 Valspar Championship golf tournament on the PGA Tour is taking place this week from March 10-13, 2016, on the Copperhead Course at the Innisbrook Golf Resort located in Palm Harbor, Florida, along the Gulf Coast about 25 miles west of Tampa. Jordan Spieth – 5 to 1 odds

Louis Oosthuizen won the Perth International two weeks ago and shot -2 under last week to finish in a tie for 14th at Doral. Kuchar has not won on tour in almost two years now. Willett played great last week to shoot-10 under and finish in a 3rd place tie with Rory McIlroy. Pettersson has not played well lately and his last win on tour was in 2012.

Charl Schwartzel finished tied for 17th place last week with Jordan Spieth at Doral. This is a much easier field to deal with this week as 12 of the players who finished ahead of Jordan Spieth last week are not playing this week.

Patrick Reed has not been playing well lately. That’s despite Jordan Spieth’s poor play over his last two tournaments. Charl Schwartzel, Graeme McDowell – 30 to 1 odds each

Matt Kuchar also tied for 28th place last week at Doral. Danny Willett – 22 to 1


John Senden – 70 to 1 odds

John Senden won the Valspar Championship in 2014 and he has twice finished second in this tournament. He should play better this week.

The biggest name playing in the 2016 Valspar Championship is Jordan Spieth who is here this week to defend his title and as one might expect he is the betting favorite to win the tournament again this year. Willett has four wins on the European Tour including the 2016 Dubai Desert Classic in February.

Jordan Spieth is the heavy favorite this week to defend his title this week at the 2016 Valspar Championship at odds of 5 to 1. He should play better this week but he’s only got one PGA Tour win. Luke Donald has not won on tour since 2012 but his last win was in this tournament. Graeme McDowell finished alone in 5th place at the Honda Classic two weeks ago but only managed a tie for 28th last week. He’s not played well so far this year and his last win on tour was back in 2009 in this tournament.

Vijay Singh – 125 to 1 odds

Vijay Singh won this tournament back in 2004. K.J. He’s good friends with Jordan Spieth and he tied for 10th in this tournament last year.

Bill Haas tied for 49th place last week and he’s not been playing well lately. Louis Oosthuizen, Justin Thomas – 28 to 1 odds each

Good luck to all the PGA golfers and especially the bettors this week at the 2016 Valspar Championship!

1. He missed the cut at the Northern Trust Open and then shot -1 under last week at the WGC-Cadillac Championship to end up in a tie for 17th place. He missed the cut two weeks ago at the Honda Classic and shot +9 over last week to finish in a tie for 52nd place at Doral. T-15. Also listed are some notable golfers with much higher odds this week with comments.. Choi (2002, 2006) and Retief Goosen (2003, 2009) jointly hold the record for most wins in the tournament with two each. Henrik Stenson – 11 to 1

3. Palmer has three PGA Tour wins but his last win was in 2010.

4. He’s got four PGA wins but his last win was over 18 months ago. Choi – 45 to 1 odds each

Danny Willett is intriguing this week at 22 to 1 odds. He won the 2015 Quicken Loans National last year for his first PGA Tour win and he is 150 to 1 odds this week.

Carl Pettersson – 300 to 1 odds

Carl Pettersson from Sweden won this tournament back in 2005 for the first of his five PGA Tour wins. Simpson has four PGA wins but his last win was in 2013.

Russell Knox finished alone in 27th place last week. Good luck if you want to bet him this week

Is Apple’s new iPhone SE making the impossible possible?

One such company called Xiaomi has built a massive business worth billions by copying Apple’s playbook but selling low-cost smartphones instead of high-end handsets.

MUST SEE: 5 hidden Galaxy S7 features I wish my iPhone had

iPhone SE Sales: Q1 2016 China sales said to be stealing market share | BGR

Of all the companies analysts thought might be able to fight back against these budget brands, Apple certainly wasn’t at the top of any lists — but it looks like that’s exactly what’s happening.

Of note, the site’s supply chain sources have been hit or miss in the past. The $399 to $499 price range is a bargain compared to other iPhones, but perfectly capable handsets can be purchased from Chinese Android phone vendors for half the price. At the low end of the market though, something curious has happened over the past few years. Apple, on the other hand, has never fought at the low end of the market, so the impact felt from these brands hasn’t been anywhere near as powerful.

In the grand scheme of things, Apple’s new iPhone SE isn’t terribly affordable. A wave of China-based companies has stormed the market with surprisingly capable smartphones being sold at incredibly low prices, and they have stolen a massive chunk of business from established players like Samsung, LG and HTC.

Interestingly, a new report claims it’s now Apple that is stealing market share away from more aggressive Chinese brands thanks to the lower-cost iPhone SE.

Samsung in particular has had a great deal of trouble with these budget brands in recent years. But other reports have also suggested the iPhone SE has been a strong performer in the region, with preorders at third-party retailers alone said to have reached 3.4 million units ahead of launch.

. “The launch of relatively low-priced iPhone SE in China has squeezed market share from local brands, including Huawei, Xiaomi Technology, Vivo and Oppo, affecting the earning performance of these brands,” Digitimes said in a new report.

At the high end of the smartphone market, Apple and Samsung continue to dominate as other global brands fight for scraps. This has been the case in the industry for quite some time now, and at this rate it’s not likely to change anytime soon. The company’s profits slid for seven consecutive quarters at one point thanks largely to pressure from these Chinese companies

Video Poker Games – How Real Do They Play?

For the poker fan, theres a wealth of opportunity for fun, excitement and many winnings.

The basics of the rules are pretty much the same as when youre playing with the traditional 52-card deck. One of the neat things about video poker games is that they are available whenever you want to play. There are always people playing online video poker games no matter the time of day or night.

If youre looking to learn strategy, several video poker games have been designed to teach you strategies and the rules. All you have to do is read the rules, and begin play.

Just as in person-to-person poker, the video poker games involve chance and skill. The online gaming sites that offer video poker games are never closed. What better way than to learn from the professionals.

Theres video poker online, as well as in your land casinos. His latest website, Play Video Poker, is all about video Poker with special attention paid to Online Poker. You can also get these video poker games for your handheld electronics. Theres several produced by the worlds most talented professional poker players. You dont have to worry about who is going to show up or if youll have enough people to play. Beware, theyre lost of fun and can be addictive.

Video Poker Games How Real Do They Play?

by: David Olsen

Video poker games are the software version of a simulation of playing poker in a real life setting. With video games, the rules, the table bets, and other things that must be determined in real life are already set for you. Have fun and good luck.

If you havent played video poker games, you owe it to yourself to check them out. Heres a list of some of the more popular video poker games: Omaha Hold ‘em, Texas Hold ‘em, Seven Card Stud, Blackjack, the World Series of Poker event, and Caribbean Stud Poker. Theres several sites online where you can download the software, and play for free or real money. You will also find many variations. . While nothing beats the real life game, these video poker games offer real fun and lots of winning chances.

Some of the most popular online video poker games are Texas Holdem, jacks or better video poker and deuces wild video poker. Theres video poker games available for just about every type of traditional poker games. Visit His site to learn more

This article was posted on December 02, 2005

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Another type of video poker games is those that are designed to help you learn and improve your skills in a real life games. No mater how you choose to play video poker games, youre sure to find excitement, fun and lots of chances to win.

About The Author

David Olsen has been writing about online casinos and casino strategy for over five years and is considered an authority in the online gambling world

Visit a Great Online Gambling Directory to Locate the Best Online Casinos

One way to find out where the best sites are is to use the online Gambling Directory that is available at DirGambling.

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This gambling directory is unique in many ways, and one of those is that it offers information on casino sites in various languages. For those who prefer a specific game, the site is organized into sections, making it very easy for site visitors to find exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily. As mentioned above, access is free and easy as is navigation once you arrive at the site. These free articles are some of the most popular pages that are viewed by site visitors. Navigating the site is easy, too. By taking advantage of this wealth of knowledge, players can then take their new skills to an online casino and see if their newly acquired skills pay off.. Give them a try today.

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For those who live in the UK, and much of Europe, finding a great online gambling site can be challenging. This inclusion of different countries, written in their native language, makes the site a wonderful destination for those who prefer to play in non-English online casinos.

This online gambling directory offers visitors to the site detailed information on a variety of web casinos. The fact is there are thousands of online sites in business today, some of which are reliable and fair and others that are not so honorable

Betting on the Next Presidential Election

Of course there are exceptions (including a couple of last weekend’s NFL playoff games) but on balance the ability of the odds-makers to pick not only the winners but by the correct margins is uncanny! So, enjoy the following predictions from Ireland’s biggest and most successful bookmaker, Paddy Power.

Applies to the candidate chosen at the Republican National Convention in 2012 to run as the Republican Candidate for President in the 2012 US Presidential Election.

When will Sarah Palin lose her Fox News position?

Following the news that former Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin is set to become a regular contributor at Fox News, bookmaking outfit Paddy Power has already taken numerous bets on how long the gaffe-prone Alaskan governor will remain in Rupert Murdoch’s employ.

First Minority Group Sarah Palin offends

Paddy Power is also taking bets on which minority group the broadcasting newbie will first offend in her media role. Slightly longer odds of 11/10 are available on the 45 year-old politician keeping her broadcasting role at Fox News into 2011.

Mitt Romney 3/1

Haley Barbour 4/1

Newt Gingrich 5/1

Sarah Palin 5/1

John Boehner 8/1

Mike Huckabee 10/1

Tim Pawlenty 10/1

Bobby Jindal 12/1

Fred Thompson 16/1

Chuck Hagel 18/1

David Petraeus 20/1

Jeb Bush 20/1

Rudolph Giuliani 20/1

Chuck Baldwin 20/1

Lindsey Graham 20/1

Tom Ridge 25/1

Ron Paul 25/1

John McCain 33/1

Condoleezza Rice 33/1

George Allen 33/1

John Ensign 33/1

George Pataki 40/1

Dick Cheney 100/1

Laura Bush 500/1

Republican Presidential Nominee

Democratic Presidential Nominee

8/1 Before 01 September 2010

10/11 Between 01 September 2010 and 31 December 2010

11/10 After 01 January 2011

Applies to the candidate chosen at the Democratic National Convention in 2012 to run as the Democratic Candidate for President in the 2012 US Presidential Election.

Paddy Power says “Where Sarah Palin goes controversy is generally not too far behind so we’ll obviously be following her new career path with great interest”.

If you’re a sports fan, and you follow the betting odds, you’ve no doubt been amazed at how close the final score is to the point spread put up by the odds-makers. Gay and Lesbian groups top the bookies shortlist at odds of 4/1 followed by Muslims and African Americans both at 6/1.

Barack Obama 1/7

Hillary Clinton 6/1

Joe Biden 10/1

Evan Bayh 25/1

John Edwards 40/1

Al Gore 40/1

Bill Richardson 50/1

John Kerry 66/1

Kathleen Sebelius 66/1

Janet Napolitano 80/1

Wesley Clark 100/1

Caroline Kennedy 100/1

Mark Warner 100/1

Tom Daschle 100/1

Chris Dodd 150/1

Oprah 500/1

4/1 Gay/Lesbian/Bi-sexual

6/1 African American

6/1 Muslims

8/1 Single parents

10/1 Senior Citizens

10/1 The Poor

12/1 Arab Americans

14/1 Jews

16/1 Native American

16/1 Third world countries

18/1 Christians

20/1 Irish

25/1 Jehovah’s Witness

Early betting points toward Sarah Palin being dropped by the global news broadcaster between September and December 2010 with Paddy Power offering odds of 10/11

Articles Category: Casino-Gambling –

Tags: Indian Rummy, Indian Rummy Game, 13 Card Online GamesFundamentals Of 13 Cards Indian Rummy By : Vijay

The online games have evolved in parallel with the rise of computer and technology. The game development has passed through various phases of continuous and gradual changes. Buy Instagram Likes

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Las Vegas Challenge Coins Can Be Used As Card Guards And Poker Chips By : Eric Perez

No trip to Las Vegas would be complete without the purchase of a custom poker coin from a favorite casino gift shop. Retain studying, keep enjoying and youmay find your gaming becomes better everyday. Also be aware that there are various things to avoid at the same time. How to get good and great lottery system is the difficult aspect of searching for lottery system.

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If you are breaking out add 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to confront cream. Market Outlook On Console Video Games In Greater China, 2013-2018 By : Market Reports on China presents a report on “Market Outlook on Console Video Games in Greater China, 2013-2018″.

Tags: powerball lottery, powerball number, powerball winning numbers, powerballHow To Pick Winning Powerball Numbers “” Guaranteed To Work! By : macktop

How to pick winning powerball numbers is a serious topic that very lotto players should try to read and practice. First and foremost, they”re a souvenir that reminds people of their stay in Nevada. The unique pieces of memorabilia serve many purposes. Pokies are one such game that was developed decades ago and continue to earn the same craze to its credit; in fact the craze has gone multifold. Do a favor and learn what NOT to perform too.

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Indorummy Congratulates Team Germany For Winning Fifa 2014 By : indorummy

Indorummy is an online Indian rummy game site, which always support and laud any type of games and encourages the players with is panegyric mind. Power ball lottery is not fun game, is a game you need to play applying good strategies. A poker machine or the fruit machine was a shiny item in the casino house of the older times and represented a fun concept of the gambling.

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Winning powerball jackpot is not as complex as people use think. Taking a day or two off from work doesn’t serve the purpose. I don”t want people to keep loosing their money playing this game.

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I am a regular lotto player and I use to play using lottery system as part of my strategies. I know that winning powerball jackpot can be very frustrating because the game itself is randomly selected. Over the decades both computers and technology have evolved together with the development of online games.

Tags: powerball lottery, powerball number, powerball winning numbers, powerballTips To Win Powerball Jackpot: How To Detect Unusual Patterns And Win In 30 Minutes! By : macktop

Many people did not know that powerball jackpot could be won in less than 30 minutes. Next, they work as a card guard which protects a hand from being “mucked” while in play.

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The Indonesian form of poker bolatagkas is a very popular on-line game. Anything involving numbers is mathematics. Many folks seek suggestions while neglecting to review the bad ones. Many people keep playing this game without any plan or strategy at hand. The increase with downtown don pointed in the 80s and began because avenue manner.

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Which Game Is The Best For Playing?? I Have An Answer! By : indorummy

It is never uncommon if you come across such questions! To tell you the truth, I always come across such bizarre questions and bang my head over wall! I am a gamer and I knack exploring games. And yes, card games involve little bit of mathematics too thus, making it a game of skill. I know that people reading this article will probably be saying to themselves that can this be possible?

Tags: powerball lottery, powerball number, powerball winning numbers, powerballPowerball Orientation: How To Play And Win Powerball In Less Than A Week By : macktop

Powerball is a game that can be play in all over the world except in some Africa continent.

Tags: Free Rummy Game, Playing Indian Rummy, Online Rummy, Online Card Games, 13 Cards rummyInstant Solutions To Payg Mobile In Step By Step Detail By : Adolph Tanaka

Both international and local telecommunication firms have come with tariffs which encourage inter regional calls.

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How To Teach Alan Jackson Concert By : Mavis Girardi

The background music industry like hip hop, hip-hop, and in some cases the music activity video lessons swayed the designers within their patterns and sketches. Lottery system is wonderful if you use the right one. Using any good strategy couple with a bit of luck can nick you the jackpot! To win power ball jackpot you must know how to pick numbers that have high chances of winning. It is played based in a five card draw.

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Some gaming orientations have emerged as really popular among the seekers.

Tags: 13 Cards Rummy, 13Cards Game, 13 Cards Play Rummy, Rummy GameYour Hunt For The Best Mode Of Relaxation Is On Its Verge Of Becoming Extinct By : Vijay

The world today has become materialistic and stressful which made relaxation essential for healthy lifestyle of individuals. When the instances have been set, adhere to the schedule.

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To Much Better Your Earnings Companies Must Buy Instagram Likes By : Justine Tarr

But if that’s how Instagram works, then why is there a need to buy instagram followers?

Here is my blog … This report does not discuss the specific players in the market serving the latent demand, nor specific details at the product level. It became essential for the online games to improve their essential functionality. You can see plenty of instances where everyone is getting it wrong or setting it up right.

Tags: 13 Card Online Game, 13 Card Online Games, Rummy gameInfluence Of Card Games Over Mankind By : Vijay

When we hear about the cards games, Mathematics comes into our mind.

Tags: powerball lottery, powerball number, powerball winning numbers, powerballReview Of Toto 4d Results Web Portal By : Georgetta

A lot of individuals in Malaysia play sports Toto 4D, 5D, 6D or magnum lottery games and individuals search numerous sites for outcomes as quickly because the lottery draw are carried out and Toto 4d Final results net portal aids individuals in offering instantaneous benefits of numerous lotteries in Malaysia as quickly as draw is held.

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Experience Memorable And Exciting Bachelorette Party In Maryland By : nathanhilson

Are you planning to throw a bachelorette party for a close friend? Then, you are on the right spot! In Maryland, you will find numbers of companies offering adult entertainment you are looking for.

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Know that you’ll be able to do things on Facebook which are appropriate. You really need to keep planned that a combination should ‘t be extremely thin and watery.

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Chinese Zodiac Signs And Meanings By : luciezhang

Chinese Zodiac Signs and Meanings

Tags: Chinese style, Asian style, Chinese dress, ChengsamPlaying Rummy Game Is The Key To Win Money By : Vijay is not only a online gaming website but it is a platform to increase your critical thinking along with relieving your fatigue and bringing contentment into your life.

Tags: Indian rummy game, online rummy, 13 card rummy, Gaming site, Card Game, rummy card games, Indian rummy rulesMost Useful A Few Ideas For Video Game Playing Which Will Get Your Game Higher By : Shayla Fuentes

You should only perform games a couple of hours every day. (

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Mencuba Nasib Anda Dengan Loteri Di Singapura, Toto Singapura. By : sinuse

Toto dan togel loteri Singapura menawarkan banyak peluang untuk menang kerana terdapat pelbagai jenis gabungan dengan mana seseorang itu boleh menang.

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