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the first ever “hundred grander” in the U.S. the 3-for-3 Ocho Ocho Ocho (4-1), away since winning his 2014 two-turn debut, the Delta Jackpot.


The Gotham boasts a legitimate dark horse of the kind one seldom sees anymore, a colt named Tiz Shea D (15-1).

The plan was to go to the Gotham with Ocean Knight but the owners didn’t wish to roll the weather dice; that decision looks pretty good considering that Aqueduct canceled racing Friday.

Forgot to mention, the tougher Gulfstream Park Handicap. the Moreno (6-1), one of three G1 winners but 0-for-6 at the trip, and Bronzo (10-1), a G1 winner in Chile and 10-furlong winner of an overnight handicap there?

Or shipping 3,000 miles to meet Private Zone, Honor Code and Wicked Strong going a flat mile for $300K?

Oddly, this impost was a pound more had he had been assigned in the weaker (Grade 2), shorter, and less prestigious Gulfstream Park Handicap.

OK, so real handicap racing is a bygone era but as long as they card these race, someone has to be the highweight: Say hello to Shared Belief (3-5), toting 125 pounds.

Here, meanwhile, the dynamic and circumstances appear all wrong for Wicked Strong to make a winning return; but Private Zone vs. There’s always a “big hoss” in it and this weekend is no exception.

However, running flat out against two horses that just might be at their best at a mile and a seasonal debutter from the very excellent 2014 three-year-old crop in no day at Hallandale Beach.

If the heavily campaigned (by 2015 standards) El Kabeir has any high-test left in the equine tank, he lays over the group. Damned if I know; maybe trainer Bill Mott does.

Meanwhile, in Northern Florida, the always entertaining Hillsborough and Florida Oaks are good table setters for the Tampa Derby in which Stonestreet Stables will battle itself; the seasonal-debuting 2014 juvenile talent Carpe Diem (8-5) vs. Let that sink in for a moment.

Written by John Pricci

So, tell me what would have been tougher? Meeting 12 rivals for a cool million in your home state at 10 furlongs after just having beaten the 2014 Horse of the Year vs. undefeated, freaking Ocean Knight (2-1).

Friday, March 06, 2015

HALLANDALE BEACH, FL., March 6, 2015–Some good action at the Betting Bays By the Beach but tomorrow is the day where racing will be celebrated big time in Arcadia and Oldsmar.

Saturday’s Big ‘Cap day at Santa Anita Park, a.k.a. That’s happened before you may recall.

Throw in the G1 Kilroe (turf) Mile and the G2 San Felipe and that’s quite a day at the races.

On the Left Coast, while awaiting the Big One, it will be a battle of undefeateds; the 4-for-4 uber game come-again winner of the San Felipe, Dortmund (8-5), vs. Honor Code might be worth the price of admission which, if you’re in the neighborhood, is free!

He won his only start in very fast time. If not, Classy Class could beat him, taken to improve along developmental lines and the promise of rating tactics on Saturday.

Say this for Triple Eights: To date, he’s been faster on our Energy Ratings scale, by a significant margin, is training super well, and gets Mike Smith, who seems to secure a call on every good horse he’d like to ride these days.

But sometimes the Big ‘Cap turns out funny, not ha-ha funny, for the favorite or one of 12 rivals just might get in the way and impede his progress. the Grade 1 Santa Anita Handicap, a.k.a. But just does one translate 5-1/2 furlongs at Parx into a mile and a sixteenth Grade 2 in New York?

Should the Northeast thaw out in time for Gotham’s Gotham, it will feature a battle of disappointing Withers colts, El Kabeir (8-5) and Classy Class (7-2).

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This week the Wearsiders are away to a newly-promoted West Ham side who will be hard to beat in their own back yard.

Newcastle held out against Everton, who must feel aggrieved having what was a perfectly good goal chalked off for offside and were robbed of another when a perfectly placed linesman missed the ball crossing the Newcastle goal line.

Hills are offering 8-5 for both teams with the draw being a value for money @ 9-5. This weekend’s highest profile match has to be between fierce rivals Liverpool and Man United, but despite Liverpool having home advantage both sides are evenly matched.

No prizes for guessing who was the happier of the two managers after these results.

With D-Day creeping closer (October 21) both managers will be hoping players remain fit and find their form.

O’Neill was his usual philosophical self, claiming several players are not yet match fit while Alan Pardew must have slept soundly knowing his team got out of jail on Monday night.

I was at the Stadium of Light and left feeling a little bit disappointed with what I saw.

Sunderland will be desperate to erase the memories of last season’s derby displays and take a minimum of four points from the six on offer.


No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.

This week’s bet features Newcastle, who we hope will beat Norwich at both half-time and full-time at odds of 9-5.

LAST week saw our region’s top two sides take a point each from their Merseyside rivals.

Sunderland (who I expected to win) hung on against an improving Liverpool side.

Newcastle face Norwich in what should be a definite “home banker”, unless they are suffering from a European hangover following their draw against Maritimo on Thursday. Better luck this week lads!

Martin O’Neill will no doubt send out his strongest team providing there are no injury worries.. If you fancy having a bet outside the Premier League, Wolves are value for money at 5-4 to beat Peterborough at London Road.

At home any team should be playing for a win not a draw no matter who the opposition are.

Copyright 2012 Gale, Cengage Learning. All rights reserved.

Last week I thought Sunderland played like the away side with Fletcher spending long spells as the lone striker.

THIS WEEK’S BEST BETS Newcastle to win at half-time and full-time@ 9-5 (William Hill) Sunderland to beat West Ham @ 9-5 (William Hill) Liverpool and Man United to draw @ 11-5 (Ladbrokes) ? Each week we place a charity bet, courtsey of William Hill, with all end-of-season proceeds going to the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation.

After O’Neill’s high-profile signings I was ready to see the Black Cats grab their first home win of the campaign. I believe Newcastle will discover their home form this week and will feature in our Charity Bet this week